School Leadership

Throughout my entire junior year, I participated in a unique class taught at our local elementary school. This class was called ‘Conflict Management’ and consisted of a full year of tutoring various elementary students in reading. I had the pleasure of tutoring elementary kids from first, second, third, and fourth grades. The most difficult student […]

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Can a group of people function effectively without someone being in charge?

Leaders (aka someone in charge) are essential for a group to function effectively. Famous men like Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were not just great men, but more significantly, they were all were great leaders. Without their leadership, people they needed to lead would have otherwise not functioned effectively. Malcolm X’s leadership […]

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Leadership Experience Analysis

I look at this topic and I so intrigued at the different aspects of experience versus inexperience with politicians in today’s environment. Is it really good to be fresh on the scene or is it really good to be in the same position for decades at time? My opinion leads to me to think it’s […]

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Different Types of Leadership Style

According to J. Seyfarth, there are four types of leadership styles: directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented leadership (Seyfarth, 1996). These styles vary from one another, but all may be visible within a school environment. During a recent interview with an elementary school principal, Amy Zilbar, she described her dominate leadership style as supportive (personal communication, […]

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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Madame CJ Walker and Anita Roddick are two female entrepreneurs who have made a huge impact on the cosmetics world each using a different entrepreneurial approach. Madam CJ Walker applied the profit-oriented entrepreneurial approach while Anita Roddick used the social-responsibility oriented entrepreneurial approach. I intend to analyze and describe each leader, their leadership style and […]

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Leadership is Everyone’s Business

The term leadership is one of the most commonly used words known to man. Perhaps, it is due in part to its nature which is always attributed to well-known people who have inspired changes all throughout history, or maybe because there is something else behind the said word that individuals do not usually notice because […]

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