Traversing Unexplored Oceans

During my elementary years, I was a student at Angelicum College QC. It is a school with a unique non-graded system; as such, one’s scholastic talents aren’t fully recognized or acknowledged. That is the main reason why I considered transferring schools for high school. Though hesitant at first, I strengthened my decision with the thought […]

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Education: School Types and English Language

Education in the Philippines is based on the education system of the United States, with some variations. Generally, compulsory elementary education runs for 6 years, while secondary education takes 4 years. After high school there are vocational courses or colleges which offer courses for a varying number of years depending on the course. University courses […]

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Graduation: High School and Awaited Event

Graduation… The most awaited event of a student –academically excelling, happy-go-lucky and even I don’t care kind of students. One of my teacher said that it’s really fun and fulfilling to graduate. According to her, it is the happiest day you’ll ever experience. After all the hardships and perseverance, here comes your diploma, teary eyes […]

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Summary Blind Side

Seventeen year old Michael Oher, an extremely large, physically imposing black youth, grew up in Memphis. He is no longer living with his drug addicted mother, but is in a foster care when he isn’t running away to sleep wherever else he can find. Out of circumstances including Coach Burt Cotton’s belief that he would […]

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An Unforgettable Experience in My Life

Today is July 16th, 2012. Exactly a month later, it will be Leman’s birthday. That means we will be celebrating Leman’s birthday on August 16th, 2012.. Jali,Seli,Setopa and I were best friends since our good old days in form 3. Now we have just finished our secondary school and all of us did very well […]

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Baby Steps to Achieve Long Term Goals

As a sophomore at Century High School, I enrolled in a welding program at the University. before the class started I thought it was going be very easy. However, I soon realized it was not going to be easy at all. In fact, the welding program was quite hard. Nonetheless, the instructors were supportive and […]

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