Qualities of a Nursery Nurse

A skill is something that you are astounding at doing, it could come naturally to you or be something you have learnt through experience or training. Nursery nurse, you will need to be a warm and caring individual; very patient with good communication skills; someone who can work with young children and their families in […]

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Risks Associated with the Increased Flow of Immigrants Needing Care

An immigrant can mean a few different things; it is a range of different citizenship categories in the United States. Individuals who are born in foreign countries are typically called immigrants. Immigrants have the option to become naturalized citizens or to remain non-citizens. Non-citizens can be allowed by the United States government to reside in […]

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Telus Corporate Responsibility

TELUS’s quarterly report released in May, cited dividends rising eleven and a half cents per share from a year ago, as well as divulging plans to increase that share price ten percent annually through 2016, and prompted a share purchase program that will be worth an estimated two billion dollars by 2016. Putting the financial […]

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Health Care Delivery Systems

It was like any other sunny day at the park. The sun was bright, the air was fresh, and I had just settled down to read a book. As I surveyed my surrounding, I saw a mother with her small child at the swings. The child appeared to be slumped in the swing as the […]

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Mrs. Khairallah is a 32-year old pregnant woman who arrives at the delivery suite with contractions. While the nurse are getting Mrs. Khairallah to her bed, her husband calls the nurse and tells her that he demands that no man be allowed to enter his wife’s room. He insists that all nurses, doctors, and other […]

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Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability Paper

There are many types of complaints that occur throughout the workforce of health care. It is the responsibility of physicians and nurses to make their patients feel comfortable and happy during their visit at any health care organization. Nurses are required of ethical duties that must include making their patients aware that their treatment is […]

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