Ethnographies of Gender, Modernity, and Postcolonialism

Fruit of the Motherland and In the Realm of the Diamond Queen both address gender issues in small-scale egalitarian societies whose cultures have been imposed upon by modernization and have reacted with varying degrees of resistance. The central theme for Lepowsky’s Fruit of the Motherland is near total equality between the sexes of Vanatinai, a […]

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Gender oppression and how this manifests in education and society

Students will examine an area of oppression of their choice, discussing hoe this manifests itself in society and how it impacts upon the lives of individuals and communities. In this assignment students are expected to apply learning from the Sociology element of the module. For the purpose of this essay the writer will look at […]

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Gendered Studies: Why doesn’t Barbie have an IT Degree?

The article in question calls our attention to the �lack of participation and further progression in tertiary education of women in IT…�. And the intention of the same article is to find the reasons that make young women not choose information technology for their further education. If we wanted to summarize the article, we could […]

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