Original Writing – Cuckoo nest film

When I first saw Murphy I knew instantly that he was different. He came in happy, laughing, as though he’d hit the jackpot. I didn’t worry myself too much about him. I kept to myself as usual. The next day we were all on the basketball court. I expected it to be another grey, dreary […]

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Saving Private Ryan – Media Coursework

‘Saving Private Ryan’ is one of Spielberg’s epic war films. It tells the story of a group of soldiers, forced behind enemy lines in order to rescue Private Ryan – whose 4 brothers were all killed in combat. The soldiers immediately question their orders – why risk their lives, for the sake of saving one? […]

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Screenplay for Film Studies

Opening: Lou arrives at the hotel, all is in black and white. Chandeliers sweep across the ceiling, a panning shot swoops around these and we see Lou walking to the Lobby. Lou; “Erm, hi, im looking for a Mr. Abel, could you tell me what room he’s in ?” ; As the woman looks up, […]

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