Changing Bodies and Minds in the Modern World

“Changing our bodies, changing ourselves? From Popular culture: A user’s Guide” written by Susie O’Brien and Imre Szeman is an excerpt which comes from a chapter in the “Identity and the Body” textbook. The textbook discusses the “powerful impact of cultural practices” which it has on the daily lives and a “sense of identity” of […]

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Analyse the text Reid, 2007 in terms of its cohesive systems

Analyse the text (Reid, 2007) in terms of its cohesive systems. Look for the various cohesive chains that operate throughout the text – minor ones as well as major – and check the cohesive links from one sentence to another. Then, in an essay of about 750 words, explain the cohesive systems of the text […]

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Should offensive language be censored?

Censorship is the controlling and limiting of people’s ideas and speech, with this, people’s expressions and suppressed. This is mainly managed by the government in order to limit corruption and improve society. First of all, what is offensive language? This term is entirely subjective to different people. It is up to the individual whether or […]

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The Scream – Edvard Munch

The human condition is a broad term brought into play which effectively incorporates experiences encountered throughout human existence. The Incredibly celebrated and well known 19th century painting by Edvard Munch, appropriately titled The Scream, successfully portrays stipulations of such psychological human conditions. The artwork is exceptionally different to typical works during Munch’s era, where artists […]

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Billy Kelly-the bell

Billy Kelly was a burglar. He was born in the years when a leading female figure discarded the tender loving care of the British Mum, and revealed other qualities that were colder and more uncaring than the male. Regardless of the difference in political views, other susceptible females adopted the same materialistic traits. In city […]

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