Effects of the Fourth Lateran Council on France

When Louis VIII began his reign as King of France after his father Philip Augustus died in 1223, it became clear that he would be a lot more respectful to the church doctrines than his father. Many representatives turned up to represent France at the Fourth Lateran Council, roughly seventy six bishops and archbishops from […]

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Populating More Important than Overpopulation

The Middle Ages, by no means, made use of the world’s resources as the population inhabiting it today does. Gies and Gies state that “energy sources were largely untapped.” (Gies 4) With approximately 6.8 Billion people on the earth and a new census count on the way it’s no secret that the 21st century population […]

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Moltke’s War Strategy

Moltke’s strategy was one of finishing wars as quickly as possible. Moltke’s concepts were based in the ideas of Clausewitz, who wrote that “crushing” the opponent was an undesirable aim, noting that the cease of “primitive capitalism” recognised by Kehr made the country economically vulnerable. However, Moltke rejected Clausewitz’s idea regarding the role of politics […]

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History from below

Prior to answering the question we need to understand where the concept of ‘History from below’ originated from, and essentially what it means. The phrase is an echelon of historical accounts, that was produced as a ramification of the Annales School, and popularised during the decade of 1960`s. “The Annales School is a school of […]

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Social studies

Theme: Major technological innovations changed the social and economic conditions. Explain with reference to the Agrarian and Industrial Revolution Technology is the development of tools and techniques to help living; innovations are the new methods or ideas for doing things. The word revolution means an event that involves great change So this essay will be […]

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