Internal Customers at Longleat

Longleat employs approximately 197 staff and up to 450 during the peak season in summer. The is a clear structure with workers within Longleat, The marquees of Bath meets with the General manager & Land agent every month to make sure everything is running smoothly and to put forward suggestions to Lord Bath about possible […]

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A shopping centre when it is closed and when it is open

Busy crowds bustled up and down the centre, their arms laden with bulging shopping bags. Caring mothers pushed their prams slowly, while distressed toddlers screamed to go home. Food and drink stalls gathered customers. Old and young alike flopped tiredly onto benches to rest their exhausted legs. In the electronics store vivid lights dazzled customers […]

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Research to a successful shop

When researching materials i had to think about the costs as well as the practical side. Although the shop hasn’t been doing to well the financial side is secure and the owner is willing to invest in the shop front to boost future sales and attract more customers. I researched various materials for the shop. […]

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You Decide E-Marketing

The purpose of this report is to develop an online strategy and create advertising ideas for Mary and Joe Johnson, the owners of Book Bunker. E-Commerce is what businesses and consumers use to buy, sell or exchange products and services over the internet. “E-commerce is a major factor in the U. S. economy because it […]

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Nordstorm Case Study

1. How else can Nordstrom continue to provide exceptional customer service and increase brand loyalty? Every retail company should want to strive to distribute great customer service. Customer service is basically the way employees interact with customers. Good customer service to me is greeting me with a smile when I enter the store, ask is […]

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How Customer Services Can Be Monitored and Evaluated

There are many ways and methods a business can monitor and evaluate customer service. Dominos can monitor its customer service by: •Web surveys – this is one of the most common methods of monitoring and evaluating customer services. This method is very easy and useful to the companies because this way you will get the […]

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