Character Development “Goneril and Regan”

The two eldest daughters of Lear, Goneril and Regan, are portrayed as villains from the start of the novel. From the flattering of love to Lear for the part of his kingdom, to the poisoning of Regan and the suicide of Goneril, the developments in villainy of both the sisters increase with every scene. This […]

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Love song, with two goldfish

“(love song, with two goldfish)” by Grace Chua is a contemporary poem written in 2003. The poem is about a pair of goldfish living together in a fishbowl and experiencing a romantic relationship. The two goldfish represent a young couple (young teenagers) growing up in an environment which deprives them of their desires and does […]

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Two Hands – Poem Commentary

The poem ‘Two Hands’, written by Jon Stallworty, is a piece of writing with a modern structure and a relatable, yet very personal theme. It deals with a delicate topic, the relationship between father and son, the lack of connection between the two, their differences, and the insecurities that they provoke in the author. The […]

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Characters and algorism in “Lord of the Flies”

“Lord of the Flies” is the book that many compare with the popular TV serie “Lost”. A plane crashing on an exotic island, where there is no civilization. The survivors must try to create a society, but they must find a way to be saved. In Lord of the Flies, we meet a group of […]

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Mrs Fisher

Mrs Fisher opens with a metaphor of a shroud of silence draped over the public’s eyes, a beautiful and poetic representation of the ignorance about AIDS that clouds society. She clearly states her purpose: to bring the silence—the fear—to an end. Her goals are further emphasized with the use of antithesis “I want you attention, […]

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