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An outline plan for a seminar on shared leadership.

Song: She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes, “Whoo, Hoo” Driving six white horses … “Whoa Back” We’ll all go out to meet her… “Hi Babe” We’ll kill the old red rooster… “Hack, Hack” We’ll all have chicken ‘n dumplings… “Yum, Yum” We’ll wear our bright red woolies… “Scratch, Scratch” -The subject of this presentation is Sharing Leadership. -I need 4 (four) volunteers. Each get a Name-tag and corresponding style card. -Now we are going to have a role-playing activity with four patrol leaders… Introduce each. -The situation which each patrol leader will lead us in is: The Scoutmaster would like your patrol to build a campfire for all of the parents who are visiting tonight. The Wolf Patrol has also challenged your patrol to a game of ultimate. What will your patrol do? -Which leader handled the situation the best? -If the Patrol Leaders’ Council decided that it would be better if the troop went to a different summer camp this summer, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If young Johnny Scout needs help in setting up his tent, but the patrol leader has to go to a Patrol Leaders’ Council, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If the patrol is going rock climbing and the Patrol leader is an expert, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If the patrol must decide on a design for a new patrol flag, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If the Patrol leader needs to decide on a campsite for his patrol at summer camp and he gets knows that he may not get his first choice, which leader would be best to lead the group? -Is there one leader that is best for all situations? -Does a good leader have a combination of all of these styles? -Now that we have a general idea of leadership styles, we can examine each more closely. Remember that different situations often need different types of leadership. -The Four Style of Leadership are Telling, Persuading, Consulting, and Delegating. -The First one, Telling, is sometimes called Ordering. -In this case, who identifies the problem, makes the decision, and directs the activity? (The leader) -Are the group members considered? (Sometimes yes and sometimes no) -When is telling or ordering the right leadership style? (Emergency) (Leader is and Expert) -The Next style of leadership is Persuading or Selling. -Who makes the decision in this style of leadership? (The Leader) -Once he has made the decision, what must he do then? (Sell it to the group members) -How is persuading different from telling? (Telling= group does what leader wants) (Persuading= gets the group to agree with the leader) -When is persuading the right leadership style? (Leader knows more about the situation) (Leader wants enthusiastic participation) (PLC has already made a decision that must be sold to the group) -Consulting is the third style of leadership.


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