Strengths and Weaknesses in Interpersonal Communication

1. I’m a bit intimidated by physics, however I believe I can learn anything as long as I put time into it. I feel my biggest challenge would be dealing with the mathematics in physics. Although there is math involved I would not say I have a negative outlook on physic. Physics was not a subject or a profession that was glamorized when I was a kid, so there was limited interest.
2. The question I ask myself after watching Dr. Greene’s video, is why physics is not glamorized such as sports and entertainment? Like he said as children we all have a little interest in science, but at some point we lose interest. I think we lose interest because of all the distractions in the world such as the media. With these distractions in place we forget about how important physics is and how it plays a major role in our lives.Interpersonal Communication Strengths and Weaknesses3. I agree with Dr. Greene about we, as the general public should become more engaged with science. The reason is so we can help make more informative decisions about the problems we face as a society.4. After watching the video, I have a different outlook on what’s impossible. A lot of the things here today that was once said impossible now exist. Now for me it’s just a waiting game to see what’s next. When it comes to science anything is possible.

5. The Internet was something I thought was interesting and impossible. Thinking before the Internet, I would have never thought you would be able to have endless information and stay connected to the world without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Nowadays without the Internet a large part of society would be lost.

Interpersonal Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

6. There was nothing in the video he said I thought wasn’t possible. After learning about the many things that are possible my views have changed on impossibilities. I can’t really question anything that he’s saying because I don’t have enough knowledge on the subject to question. I do know some amazing things have been accomplished in science, so I don’t think we are to far from class 1 and 2 impossibilities.

7. Teleportation is an interesting subject. Teleportation is something society can highly benefit from. Teleportation could help with traffic and quicker travel time from one place to another, around the world. Thus far science has only allowed teleportation of photons, larger objects are still being tested. The closest thing there is to teleportation is sending information through telephone, fax, or email.

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