I can say that I have been under the influence of Pop Culture since I was born. It is like a flood from which you can’t build fences against it. It invades you in a sate in which you are unaware and you even have no chance of choosing if you want to be part of it. You can’t stop listening music, nor watching TV shows, or avoiding newspapers and magazines for example. The only thing you can do to avoid pop culture, is not paying any attention to any of this things, which is impossible. One of the expressions of pop culture is music.

Believe it or not, music has a lot of influence in our daily lives, and this is not something new. Music had a very important role in our history. Music helped to develop new ways of thinking and acting.

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For years, people were afraid of expressing some ideas which were not common or were not right to say, as when they had political or social problems with the government, they were not able to complain or to say things against that hypocrisies. This ideas were starting to spread with the help of the lyrics inside the music, where artists said what other people were afraid. This made people come together, merge, and brake cultural barriers. Political songs started to appear, and nowadays they exist too.

The different type of music, such as rock, jazz, blues or classical, makes some kind of division in society, where each person identifies with each style and with different artists. This reflects in how people look and feel. For example, a teenager who likes Madonna will try to follow her ideals and use the same haircut, the same clothes, and even try to speak and sing like she does. This is just because she has a great impact and people like her and make her look like a model to follow. On the other side, you have people who prefer classical music, and prefer to read a book while listening Beethoven or Mozart, drink a glass of good wine, and just relax.

Music can be seen as a way of relaxing. You might think as music as a therapy which can be applied in different ways for each person. For instance, let’s say dancing. People who like to dance, is because they identify with the music and they feel it deep inside, moving their body following the rhythm. For some people that is having fun, trying to forget all their problems and thinking in nothing but the music. This also makes the appearance of different places for going to dance, and having to choose between the different alternatives, if you like rock, tango or just some blue’s bar.

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Yet, music is also a very good business. The music business is expanding a lot, and the best example is knowing that nowadays you can watch your favorite music band in MTV or in any TV channel, and this encourages you more to follow a band or listen to music. Behind this idea of music through the TV, they also have to work with the advertisements, and tell you what cd you have to buy, or what is the last disc you must have.

However, music is present in religion too. The choirs at church, and at mass, it is the time when you pray to Jesus, but singing. That makes you feel that you are getting closer to him and talking to him with the lyrics of the songs.

In conclusion, music surrounds us wherever we go, and has a very big impact in our every day lives, and it is part of popular culture. People do not realize that music is one of the things that can change completely our mood, and can make us cry or make us laugh, with just some music notes. That is what popular culture does, change our lives in some way that we end up doing what television figures do, buying what we are suggested and told what is better, so in some way, we are changing every day to fit into the new culture.

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