The CD cover that I have chosen to analyse is called Beastie Boys Intergalactic. The genre for this CD is old school Hip hop.

On the CD cover I can see the title of the CD. The title of the CD is not on the front of the CD cover it is on the spine. I do not think that having the CD name on the spine of the case is a good idea because if someone wanted to buy the CD it might be difficult for them to recognise what CD it is.


The picture on the CD cover is of three men all members of the Beastie Boys; the man in the middle is crouched down on the floor with his hands in the air but they are quite spaced apart, his facial expression is a surprised look, he is wearing a building helmet, dark tinted goggles, a white body suit, rubber gloves, a light reflective band going over his right shoulder across his body to the left side of his waist and then across to the right side of his waist and Wellington boots. The man on the left of the picture looks like he is walking with his hands in his pocket, he also looks upset, and he is dressed identically to the man in the middle of the picture. The last man is standing at a bit of an angle with one eye open and one eye closed he is also dressed the same as the other two men.

In the sky of the CD cover there is an alien saucer hovering over there heads that is shining a beam of light down on the three men, the men are in an alleyway that is quite dark so the are the brightest things in the picture. In the alleyway apart from the men there are several bins two large ones and five small ones a set of stairs and on ether side there are run down buildings on the right hand side there is graffiti on one of the buildings the graffiti says ghettoes. This image gives me the feel that the beastie boys are like the saviours of the ghettoes.

The image that I have just described to you makes me think of the Beastie Boys as quite heavenly and God like, this is because of the fact that they are all in white, because they are coming out of an alien spaceship, and because they are coming out of a spaceship and into what looks like the ghettoes. It also makes me feel like the Beastie Boys music is not the same as ordinary old school hip hop because of the fact that they are landing in slums. The slums remind me of ordinary old school hip hop and the beastie boys landing in it make me feel like they are bringing something new to old school hip hop.

The message that I think they are trying to say is that they are going to try and spread there new version of old school hip hop music and that they are not really bothered if anyone does not like it. I think that this music would appeal to teenagers and middle aged adults and those who like old school hip hop but are adventures and would like to try something new once in a while.

On the back of the CD cover it shows the names of the songs in the CD. The songs names are Intergalactic, Ill Communications, We Come in Peace, What You Want, Sabotage, They Came From Above, Terror in suburbia, to teach a lesson, three mustard tears and unidentified flying Men. Some of the names of this album relate to aliens and outer space.

I think the message that the Beastie Boys are trying to send hear is that, they are quite new to the business and are going to spread there music everywhere and anywhere they can for example some song titles are, They Came From Above, We Come in Peace Unidentified Flying Men and Intergalactic, all make me feel like they are new to the planet and they don’t want any trouble from rival artists and all they want to do is spread their music.

In the corner on the front of the CD cover there are two B’s back to back, this is the Beastie Boys logo.

On the back of the CD cover in the background behind the names of the songs there is a picture of an alien space ship abducting song lyrics from there song intergalactic. The lyrics are coming out of there mouths and they are standing in the middle of a non busy road. This makes me think that they have come to make music and the alien space ship is taking their lyrics away and improving on them. This also makes me feel like the Beastie Boys are hard working men and that if there is a problem with what they are doing then they will improve on it on make it better or to what the public want.

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