I think that the x-files have been so successful because they mix three genres together, sci-fi, horror and detective. These three genres always go really well together because they appeal to a really wide audience.

In this essay I will be looking at several key points from the x-files episode ‘Tooms’. I will start with the prologue; the film starts with the camera following a man dressed smartly down a crowded street. They use a high cameras angle to make the man look vulnerable. The camera then switches to a dark drain hole where out of the gloom appears two eyes. The eyes are yellow and have an unnatural look about them. Now the camera is looking from the perspective of the monster or creature, there is now colour now on the screen and the camera follows the man that was on earlier in the film. There is a thumping sound like a heartbeat and incidental music now builds up suspense. The scene now goes inside an office where the man works. As he walks near to some lifts the music builds up and up and suddenly the doors spring open but it is a false alarm. These sorts of things keep the audience on the edge of their seats..

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The man is now inside his office and he rings his wife to tell her that he will be late home tonight. He has a picture of his family on his desk and this symbolises that he is loves his family a lot. He then leaves his office to get some coffee the incidental music builds up but yet again it is a false alarm. When he returns to the office the door slams shut suddenly breaking and you hear him scream. There was no build up or incidental music to this so it comes as a big shock when it happens. In the reflection from the picture on his desk you can see him dead.

Now we will have a look at a scene in which Mulder and Scully have finally caught the murderer or who they believe to be the murderer. They perform a lie detector test on Tooms the suspected killer. Several other members from the FBI are in the room including Tom Colton a smug bigheaded man with a dislike for Mulder and his unusual tactics and methods. Tom Colton and the other FBI agents believe Mulder has got the wrong person, so they really make him fell bad when Tooms passes the test. All the other agents leave the room except Mulder and Scully. Tom Colton likes Dana and asks her to leave Mulder. Mulder sits in a chair slumped and downcast at being ridiculed and maybe losing Scully but she turns down Tom’s offer.

The climax of the film is when you find out that Tooms last victim is Scully! Mulder is staking out the ruined house where Toom’s lair is. Meanwhile Tooms is infiltrating Scully’s house. Mulder realises something is wrong when no one leaves the house so he goes to Tooms lair and see all the trophies that he takes from victims before he kills them and he finds Scully’s necklace. Realising that Tooms is going to kill Scully, Mulder races to her house and bursts in just as she is being attacked. They overpower Tooms in the end. The film ends with Toom’s behind bars and you see him starting to make a new lair. Also he can fit through the gap where the food is passed through

Altogether this is a very thrilling episode of the X-files. The suspense never drops and there are some shocking moments. A very enjoyable episode, which uses every trick in the book.

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