Certainly sounds ambiguous doesn’t it. That’s a country that promotes itself as the center of the known universe for freedom and democracy would be involved in a terrorist act. Yet in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and in Yemen the actions of the Obama administration’s drone strikes are terrorist acts in the eyes of the people there on the ground. There are no monetary funds for them as there are in Boston to pay for the lost limbs and lives. A study was done and published in September 2012 that says that. The study was done by both New York and Stanford Universities.

Here is the definition of what terrorism actually is and I will tell you some of the remarks I have heard through my contacts in Pakistan. One in 50 people are the actual target of a drone strike. The rest are what we like to call “collateral damage”. Its rhetoric that we as a nation use to mask any emotions of the act. I have been to Pakistan after a drone strike and cried with what I saw and felt ashamed to be an American that would do such a heinous and cowardly act of murdering innocent people.

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That is what a drone strike does. I have fresh pictures and video of America’s drone strikes sent to me by my contacts in Pakistan. In my sleep and my dreams I can still hear the screams of the children and the cries of the men and women trapped in the rubble. It’s pure horror. But that is what terrorism is supposed to be. A brutal, public and bloody act meant to instil fear. That is what the feeling was in Boston after the Boston Marathon bombings. But the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan feel the same as the people in Boston did when they are bombed daily with drones. We as a nation cry foul. How could we as the cradle of democracy be associated with terrorism? Let’s look for the evidence.

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