My aim is to produce a CD cover and poster to promote it, for an age group of 15-20 year olds. The main purpose is to design it for a certain group of people that are into to a particular genre of music and for my CD it will be rhythm and blues, which is also commonly known as r’n’b.

The CD will be a compilation of various r’n’b artists and will include a range of different songs from these artists. To find out what songs and artists are popular I will survey a group of 15-20 year olds using a questionnaire this then will be my basic research. When I have found out the relevant information I can them see which songs and artists were more popular.

My aim is to produce a... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

The final result will be a CD cover; which will also contain an 8 page booklet for the inside. The 8-page booklet will contain images and text on artists.

Promoting the CD will include producing the posters for advertisement. The posters will be shop window displays and for the streets. The posters have to be eye catching but very simple and have to be noticeable. If people were to drive past in their cars they should be able to see it and read it, so only a small amount of text will be included.

My information will come from three main sources, which are: the Internet, books and magazines. I will use 2 search engines to get the information off the Internet and I will scan the various images from books and magazine and use some the information and change it in to my own words and then this will appear in my booklet.

Collecting Information To Suit My Purpose


I have produced a questionnaire to help me with the research. I will distribute my questionnaire to a selection of 10 people that fit the age range of 15 – 20 year olds. Then from my results I can then find out which song and artists will feature on the C.D. The artists that have been requested the most will appear on the C.D. The questionnaire is a form of research that I am doing to see what artists or group’s people like at the moment. This will then give me a good idea for what I can do for my C.D so it will be more appealing to the age group because it will have what they want.

Here is an example of the questionnaire:


Please choose 3 of the following:

Craig David Ahsanti Truth Hurts

Destinys Child M. Elliot Nelly

Ja Rule J.Lo P.Diddy

Usher LL.Cool.J Aaliyah

B2K Genuwine 112

What pictures would you prefer on the CD cover?

Please tick a maximum of 3

Craig David Ahsanti Truth Hurts

Destinys Child M. Elliot Nelly

Ja Rule J.Lo P.Diddy

Usher LL Cool J Aaliyah

B2K Genuwine 112

Please specify any songs that you would like to be on the C.D from some of the artists/bands that you have chosen:


When I collected the questionnaires back in I put the results in to a graph format so I could clearly see which were the most popular.

From the above results I have made a conclusion that my C.D will have only 10 artists on there. The most popular 10 are the one that will appear on the C.D and these are:

Craig David Missy Elliot

Ashanti Destinys Child

Aaliyah Nelly

Jennifer Lopez Usher

Ja rule Truth Hurts

Selecting Information For My Purposes

My research will come from three main sources: (one I.T and 2 non-I. T sources)

* Internet

* Magazines

* Books


On the Internet I have used search engines such as This search engine allows me to find images and information on things that I type in. Here I have looked up images on one of my artists.

Search engine 1 –

This is my final result. This is the image that I have pasted I can now resize and crop it to any size that I want. I chose this picture of this certain artist because the outcome of my questionnaire showed that more people would prefer this artist and it will fit the colour scheme of my front page.

Search engine is the second search engine that I’m going to use. I will use it to find out some information about one of my artists.

The album featured a greater creative input from the quartet, although they still relied on a heavyweight production crew including Rodney Jerkins, Missy Elliott, Chad Elliot, and Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Ton�! Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams joined the group in February 2000 to replace the departing Roberson and Luckett. A month later the quartet topped the US Hot 100 with “Say My Name”. Despite ongoing personnel problems, with Franklin leaving in August, the group enjoyed further transatlantic hits with “Jumpin’, Jumpin'” and “Independent Women Part 1″. The latter, taken from the soundtrack of Charlie’s Angels, topped the US charts for an incredible eleven weeks. Now firmly established as the group’s leader, Knowles took control of songwriting and production on the ultra-slick and hugely successful Survivor. In 2002, she made her acting debut as Foxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers In Goldmember.

The above piece of text is the section that I copied from the search. I can now read this and turn it in to my own words. This piece of text will then be included in my booklet for inside the C.D.

The new album ” Writings On The Wall” produced massive hits such as ” Jumpin Jumpin” and ” Say My Name”. These became hits for the girl group all over the world. The song, which put the name Destiny’s Child on the map, was “Independent Women” taken from the album “Survivor”. The song stayed at the top of the U.S charts for a fantastic 11 weeks. It also became the official sound anthem for women all over the world. The trio have now succeeded in a group success and have taken time out to follow their solo careers and acting debuts.



I have use a book that included images and text on the artist I need information on. To get it on to the computer I can scanned the pages and imported them on to my work.







These are a selection of the type of lettering that I can use for the inside the C.D booklet. I have chosen


This style of writing is called Grants Hand and I have chosen to do this one because I think that this style is different and stands out from them all its also the one that matches the C.D the best. It’s also clear and simple to read and it isn’t too complicated.

On my back cover the style of writing that ill be using will be MS Mincho

MS Mincho

On the front of the cover ill be using Times New Roman

Times New Roman

I have chosen to use this because it is clear and concise and will be best suited to the front cover.

Developing Information To Present To My Audience

Here is an image that I’m going to use on my front cover and how I have changed it to suit my design.

This is what I began with. I have imported

this from the internet. By copying and


I then used the Picture Editing toolbar

This allowed me to select the ‘crop’ option.

I cropped it to the right size that I wanted. I

have taken out all of the sides and I am left

with this image.

This is the finished product. I can now paste

this on to my front cover or the inside booklet.


I looked at a number of music CD’s and I have recorded all the features that they all include

* Bar code

* CD name

* Pictures

* Company name

* Company logo

* Music label name

* Web site addresses

* List of tracks

* Track times

* Label’s name

* Label’s Logo

* Producers name

* Name of CD

* Copywrite warning

* Pictures of featured artists

These features will also appear on my CD to make it more realistic.

CD Layout


Selecting Information For my Purposes

These are the pictures that I have collected from magazines, book and the Internet I have scanned some in to the computer and now I am going to choose which ones are going to be on my front cover. I have collected different pictures of each artist so I then can see which ones are best to use.

This was my first draft of my front cover I asked a number of people (that fitted within my age group) their opinions on it and the main point was that they said it looked to boring and needed to be more original so it would be more appealing to the target audience. So now I am going to try and improve the design by moving the images around and experiment with different layout.

This is my second attempt of the front cover. I am not totally satisfied with this one I tried to make it different by putting the images in different sections but it make it look unfinished and empty.

Front Cover

This is what my final front cover I have changed the layout and I think that now it looks unique.

Here are the images that I have used on the front cover and which website I copied them from.

I have chosen to use two images from the 5 of the 6 artists because if I had only just used one the cover will have looked very empty and wouldn’t look the way I wanted it to. To make it look more professional I used 2 images to fill the remaining space.


1 // Craig David Seven Days 03:56

2 // Craig David Hidden Agenda 03:45

3 // Destinys Child Say My Name 04:20

4 // Destinys Child Independent Women 05:30

5 // Jennifer Lopez Jenny From The Bloc 03:30

6 // Jennifer Lopez Aint It Funny 04:10

7 // Ashanti Foolish 02:56

8 // Ashanti Baby Baby Baby 03:15

9 // Aaliyah Try Again 04:30

10 // Aaliyah Rock The Boat 05:00

11 // Missy Elliot Get Your Freak On 03:25

12 // Missy Elliot Work It 04:20

13 // Nelly Ride With Me 04:10

14 // Nelly Hot In Herre 05:21

15 // Ja Rule Put It On Me 02:59

16 // Ja Rule Always On Time 03:26

17 // Truth Hurts Addictive 04:21

18 // Truth Hurts The Truth 05:01

19 // Usher Make Me Wanna 03:47

20 // Usher You Remind Me 04:50

Back Cover

Theses logos are ones that I produced on using the drawing toolbar. I then shrunk them to the appropriate size. They all represent the record company logos and names. I have done this to make it look more realistic from the research that I did.

This is the barcode, which I have made by using various thickness of lines

I then added the numbers and grouped it all together to get this final result.

This is an image that I have taken from the front cover. I have used the

black and white option, which is located in the picture editing toolbar. I have

added this to the back cover because it needed an image because it looked

unfinished and empty.

8 Page-Booklet


In my 8-page booklet I can do different layouts. Here is a selection of the layouts that I am considering to do.

I have chosen 2 out of the 4. The 2 that I have chosen are the 2 with the arrows. I have chosen to do these layouts for my booklet because I think that they are different and will make the booklet look more professional. I also think that the 2 I have selected are unusual and they allow me to have both images and text in them. I will also have 2 pages that include the lyrics to 2 of the songs off the compilation.

8 Page Booklet

C.D Design

This is what I have decided the actual C.D will look like. I have kept with colour scheme and used something dark and have kept it simple because the front cover, the booklet and the back page will provide the buyer with images and information. Also the C.D will not be seen and a potential buyer will look at the front cover and the back cover and then decide if they wanted o buy it.


This is the poster that I have designed. I have made sure that I kept it simple because people will take more notice than if it was full with text. I haves used a dirty yellow colour because it makes the C.D cover stand out and is eye catching.

Saving Methods

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using I.T For This Task

The advantages of using I.C.T for my project are:

1. It allows me to be more flexible. When using I.C.T I can import pictures from the Internet straight on to my workspace and this saves a lot of time.

2. I can move things around for example I can move images and text around and experiment with different layouts and chose the best one and can change them later on.

3. I can change text sizes and styles to suit my designs.

4. Images can be cropped, resized, moved around and be changed to different colours to keep with my designs.

5. Word art helps me to create interesting headings for my posters and C.D cover.

6. It makes my work consistence. Headings, titles, text size, margin size etc… can all be kept the same on each page.

7. Can use screen dumps to illustrate how I have done something.

8. Callouts can be used to annotate screen dumps.

9. Use drawing to help with my designs.

10. I can scan pictures straight on to my work.

11. I have a wide variety of applications that I can use to make my work a higher standard. For example I have used Microsoft Excel to produce graphs.

12. I can type my work and have it word-processed at the same time and don’t have to write it out again.

13. I can save my work all in one folder.

14. My work is kept all together.

15. I can save my work on a disk so I know I have a back up copy.

16. I can save a lot of time using I.T

17. I can print out in colour to make my work look more professional and neat.

The disadvantages are:

1. Someone can get into the system and delete all my work.

2. My work may not be safe.

3. A virus could destroy my computer that I am working at and so my work will be lost.

If I did not produce my work using I.T I would have had to use other methods, which could be doing the work by hand. For example if I produced my front cover by hand I would have to either draw the pictures or cut them out of a magazine then cut and paste them on to my work. This would be very difficult and very messy because if I had made a mistake I would have to start from the beginning. Also the end result would not be as good as it would be if I used I.T.

Health and Safety Matters

When using a computer there are a number of health and safety issues that need to be taken in consideration. Here is list of health and safety rules that have to be followed when using computers:

1. Use fully adjustable chairs

2. Footrests to prevent backaches

3. Tiltable screens

4. Have a five minute break from typing every hour

5. Have anti – glare screens or filters

6. Suitable lighting

7. Spacious rooms

8. No trailing wires

9. No food or drinks near a machine

10. Electric sockets must not be overloaded

11. Heating and ventilation

12. Benches must be strong enough to support computers

13. Enough space around each computer

14. Desk and monitor at correct height

15. Keyboard and mouse should be suitably positioned

16. Monitor placed at a suitable distance

17. Swivel chairs so body can move more easily

18. No low arm rests

19. Wrist rest

20. Near and far objects to re-focus your eyes

Ergonomics is the science behind the design of computer furniture to help prevent any health problems. So all furniture must be designed to help prevent any health problems from using a computer.

If you are working in a computer room there are some rules that have to be followed which are:

1. Always follow instructions Always save your work at the end of each session

2. Always make backups of your documents this can be done by saving your work twice, one in one folder and another in a different folder so you know you have another copy if one gets accidentally deleted. Also a disk can be used to save your work. By using a disk your work will be safe and this will another backup in case something goes wrong on the computer you are using.

3. Always logoff your computer after you have finished

4. Always scan disks for viruses before using them

5. Never download anything from the internet unless you know fro certain that it doesn’t carry a computer virus.

6. Never give your log on password to anyone

7. No food or drinks are allowed in the room

8. If an error message appears on the screen ask a teacher for advice or use the help option from the menu bar.

9. Never mess with the wires that are connected to the computer when the computer is turned on.

10. Never put in disks that are not suitable for use or have been damaged because they may get stuck in the drive.

Virus Protection

A virus is a program that has been created to do damage to a computer system. If a computer virus got on to a network all the computers in that network will be affected. The more different computers you use the greater the chance of getting a computer virus, I worked on the same computer each time. To protect computers from viruses I didn’t download items from the internet unless it was a trusted source. When I used my own disks I preformed a virus check before using them. Also the computer that I was using already had a program that automatically scanned the computers hard drive for any viruses. I provided the disks that I used to save my work on and did not use any disks that were given to me.

The Importance Of Copyright And Confidentiality

Copyright is the protection of someone’s work. It is wrong to copy someone’s work without his or her permission. It’s also wrong for personal information to be made public because the information is not supposed to be available to any one else. Also if personal information is made public it is seen as a criminal offence. The Copyright Design Patent Act is the law that should be followed.

I have spell checked all my work and got someone to proof read it and I have made all the relevant changes.

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