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An Investigation into the Stroop Effect

Stroop conducted experiments in the 1930s on interference with visual perception. He discovered that participants had difficulties naming colours when they were printed in different coloured inks. In some lists, colour words were spelled and printed in the same ink colours (congruous). Example: RED In other lists the words and colours did not match (incongruous). […]

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Department of Psychology, University of Warwick

The effect of psychological factors on decision making in ultimatum bargaining games was studied in 329 first year psychology undergraduates at University of Warwick using an opportunity sampling to choose participants. The ultimatum bargaining game was a replication of the studies conducted by Guth and Van Damme (1998). Each participant was made a hypothetical offer […]

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Measuring attitudes Debbie Spicer

Attitudes can be measured by: * Questionnaires/rating scales * Physiological observation, e.g. galvanic skin responses (GSR), pupil responses, body language or facial responses. Based on the critical assumption that behaviour and attitudes are consistent Not totally reliable). * Opinion polls * Sociometry * Structured interviews. These forms of measuring attitudes may not be totally reliable […]

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Peterson & Peterson

The experiment will be largely based upon that of Brown (1958) and Peterson & Peterson (1959), which used the technique of blocking rehearsal within the short term memory (STM) by tasks such as counting backwards. The two groups of researchers independently investigated the capacity of the STM using a technique which involved presenting subjects with […]

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An experiment was carried out

An experiment was carried out with an opportunity sample of sixth form college students as participants. The aim was to study the effects of prompts on people’s perception of visual illusions (perceptual set). The participants were each shown 10 visual illusions, which could be seen in two ways, and asked if they could see both […]

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