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Potential for businesses

 rapid changes in the consumer behavior drive the fast food industry business. Rising income levels and changes in the lifestyles of the people are the stimulants to this change in food culture. From traditional home cooked meals to ready to eat over the counter burgers and sandwiches – the eating habits of the consumers across […]

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Place Strategy

Burger Kings will launch the Healthy Snacks Joint in UK market to cater to the growing demand of varieties of health foods. The company will assess the success of the business model in the UK market before deciding on expanding the services to other global locations. Promotion Strategy Advertising and creating consumer awareness for the […]

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Selection of competitive advantage

An overview of the marketing strategies of big brands likes McDonald and Wendy’s highlights the importance of branding. It is the force of a strong brand presence that drives the consumer taste and preference. Brands create a consumer expectation with their consistency and uniformity of service and quality. Strong brand awareness correlates with loyal consumer […]

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Targeting and positioning

Burger King proposes to target consumers across all age groups through a range of health food products catering to all kinds of taste buds. This is primarily to ensure maximised reach and increased market share. However, the food industry does not ensure consumer loyalty since the consumers are continuously looking for new and better varieties […]

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Marketing Plan

Burger King is a leading brand having a global presence and widely recognised by its customers as a quality eatery serving high quality burgers and fries for decades. Since its inception in the year 1954 with one restaurant in Miami, the company has expanded its operations to nearly 72 countries across the globe having more […]

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Management Communication

Ecological environment: Last but not least, I highlight the burning issue of the hour- maintaining ecological balance. Proper attention to this environmental factor can win us the world’s attention and appreciation. To be known as the theme park with a positive ecological and environmental promise, will say a lot for our popularity and enhance customer […]

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