Why is the body an important object of anthropological study?

In order to try and understand a different culture I feel it is of paramount importance to first consider the smallest human unit of that culture. How people relate to that individual unit, facilitates understanding of collectives such as the family and the society itself. As Comaroff suggests, (1985:6-7), “the body mediates all action upon […]

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Action Learning

Action learning comes from an approach pioneered by Reg Revans, UK academician who claimed that there can be no learning without action and no knowing without the effort to practice and implement what is claimed as knowledge. He demonstrated this with the formula: L = P + Q Where L = Learning (New results) P […]

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Outcomes Based Education

This paper discusses Outcomes Based Education (OBE), a new approach to education that measuries what students can do, rather than what they understand. Outcomes Based Education There has been a concern for some time throughout America regarding the quality of public education. Students are graduating from high school without adequate knowledge of the three R’s. […]

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The impact of resources on learning

In this assignment I have carried out research to investigate the impact of different resources on learning. In this research I have asked questions from teachers to identify which resources are most effective for learning. In this study I discussed the impact of different resources, their advantages and disadvantages. I have also looked at the […]

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The Front Lawn

To say that architects of built space do not have intentions when designing their work is absurd. How can somebody construct something for the satisfaction of it simply being there? The only example that comes to mind is the communist structures in the later half of the twentieth that were created to operate as buildings […]

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