Building Competitive Advantage Through Market Based Management Practices

In 21st Century Management practices,  firms and corporations are constantly seeking the leg-up on the competition to increase pro? ts and long-term value creation. In an increasingly global environment, competition remains stiff if not more competitive than ever before. Representing indirect forces on competitive advantage for companies, globalization and national and international business/trade laws have […]

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Consumer Behavior

Examining how employees affect consumer behavior and what can be done to increase their effectiveness Summary I am going to discuss how employees affect consumer behavior and what I believe are the best ways to improve their effectiveness. I will be drawing upon my experiences as a consumer and working in a retail environment. Comments […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

The history of chocolate chip cookies. Whoever in here likes chocolate chip cookies STAND UP! Well, I like them too. The story of the Chocolate chip cookie is really an interesting one. In fact, did you know that the invention itself was really an accident? Nope, well, I didn’t think so. Let me tell you […]

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Australian immigration and its effects on the environment

This paperlooks at the devastating effects of immigration on the Australian environment over the past few centuries. Australia is an island continent which is geographically isolated from the rest of the world. This has resulted in the evolution of many unique plants and animals and the development of a very fragile ecosystem. This ecosystem has […]

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Australia, A Country Report

A thorough report on the geography, economy and population of Australia. INTRODUCTION Australia, island continent located southeast of Asia and forming, with the nearby island of Tasmania, the commonwealth of Australia, a self-governing member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The commonwealth of Australia is made up of six states News south Wales, Queensland, South Australia, […]

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Analysis of the Soft Drink Industry

A paper which explores Porter’s Five Forces to determine whether or not this is an attractive industry and what barriers to entry (if any) exist. Analysis of the Soft Drink Industry Table of Contents Introduction Description The soft drink industry is concentrated with the three major players, Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc., and Cadbury Schweppes Plc., […]

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